Company Bio

Northern Geotechnical Engineering, Inc. d.b.a. Terra Firma Testing (NGE-TFT) was incorporated in the State of Alaska following the merger of Northern Geotechnical Engineering and Terra Firma, Inc. on June 25, 2004.  Prior to the merger, Northern Geotechnical Engineering operated as a sole proprietorship, founded in 2000 by Mr. Keith F. Mobley, P.E., that focused on geotechnical engineering in cold regions.  Terra Firma, Inc. was established in 1998 by Mr. Ron J.P. Caron, C.E.T, as an Anchorage-based materials testing service certified to provide accredited laboratory materials testing, CoMET, and Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) services in the State of Alaska.  The successful incorporation of Northern Geotechnical Engineering and Terra Firma, Inc. (to form NGE-TFT) fused the talents and experiences of both companies to fill a niche-demand for value-based engineering and testing services in the Anchorage-area and across Alaska. NGE-TFT’s continued success is reflected by the substantial company growth that has been realized since the 2004 merger.  NGE-TFT is an employee-owned company that operates out of its privately-owned headquarters facility located at 11301 Olive Lane in Anchorage, Alaska, from where NGE-TFT bases its professional engineering services, certified materials testing laboratory, field staging activities, and administrative offices. 

“NGE-TFT was born from a desire to provide real-world, value-driven engineering and testing services to Alaskans as well as to establish an environment which portrays a unique fusion of common sense, real-world experience, and practical design.”

NGE-TFT provides its expert engineering and testing service throughout Alaska and around the world.  This service is provided to civil/design engineering firms, general contractors, and local, state, tribal, and federal agencies. NGE-TFT’s core staff is comprised of accomplished engineers, geologists, and engineering technicians with a diverse range of talent and experience.  NGE-TFT’s staff is comprised entirely of Alaskan residents, and the majority of the senior staff have been with the company since its initial merger.  This translates to a workforce that is highly experienced and knowledgeable of local conditions, regulations, and clientele.  The current staff has worked together on a myriad of projects across Alaska and the staff has developed outstanding lines of internal communication, which enable the different members to function efficiently as a team.  NGE-TFT employees are required to build on their knowledge and skills through a combination of research, training, field work, and continuing education.  The current staff has built strong relationships with exploration and construction contractors statewide, and works together with client, contractor, city, state, tribal, and federal representatives to establish and refine project objectives and achieve them on schedule and within specified budget.