Provide Alaskans, and the rest of the world, with an exceptional geoprofessional service and value by combining sound scientific principles and technical proficiency, with a unique fusion of common sense, real-world experience, and practical design. Promote a work place that emphasizes a professional work ethic, encourages employee individuality within a team concept, and which stimulates creativity, loyalty, professional growth, and personal satisfaction.


We advocate professionalism in all of its forms and embrace the following fundamental core values. We make every effort to instill and integrate these core values in our employees as well as into our daily operations and business planning.

  • Safety - Our employees are the most valuable assets. Therefore, we strive to maintain a safe work environment through a combination of education, training, protocol, and positive reinforcement. We are also dedicated to the safety of the people that we serve, and we consider safety at every stage of the design process and during the daily performance of our service.
  • Integrity - We pride ourselves on the integrity of our employees, who understand the role that professional ethics and honesty play in the responsible and accountable performance of our services.
  • Respect - We maintain a high level of respect for our profession and the people that our service supports. This includes a reverence for the laws, codes, and specifications which govern and shape the direction of our service as well as an appreciation for the individuals and communities that our service affects.
  • Ingenuity - We encourage our employees to be innovative and to try think "outside of the box" as often as possible, as this is frequently where the most practical and cost effective designs stem from. Resourcefulness and inventiveness are often keys to success when operating in a unique, challenging and unconventional setting such as Alaska.
  • Reliability - Our existence as a company, and our continued success, are based heavily on our dependability and consistency, which have established our credibility with existing clients and within our industry, community, and profession.

  • Quality - Quality lies at the heart of everything that we do as a company:  from the calibrated accuracy and precision of our various laboratory and field equipment, to the proper performance of our standardized testing and inspection services. We create tangible value for our clients by placing a high priority on quality.
  • Commitment - We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality of product possible, for the best value possible. We are devoted to providing our employees with a safe and challenging (but rewarding) work environment. Finally, we are committed to the betterment of our community and our profession.
  • Work-Life Balance - We try to provide our employees with the flexibility to balance their personal lives and careers, as we have a strong belief that work should be (at the very most) the second most important thing in a person's life. This approach has proven to increase employee satisfaction, which in turn can result in increase in productivity, quality, employee retention and ultimately client satisfaction.