Geoprobe Direct Push Coring

Direct-push exploration equipment "push" tooling (sampling equipment, etc.) and select geotechnical sensors into the subsurface soils without the use of rotational drilling. Direct push technology typically relies on a relatively small amount of static weight combined with percussive force as the energy for advancement of downhole tooling. Direct-push technology can provide continuous, relatively undisturbed soil samples with minimal ground disturbance on an equipment platform which is generally smaller and more portable than more conventional “rotational” drill rigs.  Their portability makes them excellent candidates for remote and/or air-supported operations off of established road systems.  Direct-push has limitations though, and is best suited for shallow exploration (<50 feet) in relatively fine-grained and thawed soils.  Furthermore, direct-push technology does not allow for the collection of several standard geotechnical sample tooling such as SPT, MPT, and/or Shelby tube.